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Player 1-2 Fluid Player VideoJS
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License MIT Apache 2.0
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Player 3-4 Plyr Videogular
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(Video Source: "Glass Half" Open Movie by the Blender Foundation)


  • Supported devices: iOS (Chrome/ Firefox/ Safari), Android (Chrome/ Firefox), Mac (Chrome/ Firefox/ Safari), Windows (Chrome/ Firefox/ EDGE)
  • Creates DASH (VOD) compatible files (including Safari on Mac)
  • Creates HLS files for compatibility with Safari on iOS
  • Optimizes video files for web playback (moov atom)
  • Compresses videos using [email protected] (for best compatibility)
  • Compresses audio using [email protected] (for DASH as separate track to save data)
  • Creates automatically 3 quality levels (Full HD/ HD/ DVD quality)
  • Fragments video files in 2 second windows to allow dynamic quality switching based on available bandwidth
  • Creates master MPD-Playlist which connects everything (MPEG-DASH)
  • Creates master M3U8-Playlist for HLS
  • Creates all output files neatly stored in a sub-folder matching the video file name in the folder output next to the transcoded video file
  • Adds also HTML and .htaccess file including code ready for inclusion into the own website for playback next to all other created files
  • Generates and sets Poster image (from second 3 of the input video file)
  • Generates and includes video preview thumbnails (currently only natively supported by Fluid Player via WebVTT)
  • Video preview support thumbnail support added for Video.js via videojs-vtt-thumbnails
  • Included fallback player (fluid-player.html) is based on the great work of the devs at Fluid Player
  • Included second fallback player (plyr.html) is based on the great work of the devs at Plyr
  • Included third fallback player (videogular.html) is based on the great work of the devs at Videogular
  • Included player (index.html) is based on the great work of the guys at Video.js


For creating DASH/ HLS compatible files for multiple videos in a single run, please have a look at: